5 Tips on Keeping Up With The Current Fashion Inspiration

But how do you keep track of the most up-to- date clothing inspirations? Read below and get to know better!

1. Be social media fashion savvy

Social media is the easiest medium where we can get fresh styles from our fashion inspiration. With just one click, you can already surf the fashion websites for the latest picks in the fashion industry. Are stilettos still in or not? Is it still cool to wear faux fur even when winter’s passed? You can readily know what’s in or not with just using the World Wide Web! You must follow fashion icons, whether you’re looking for sophisticated clothing inspiration like Victoria Beckham or the hippie style of Zoe Saldana.

2. Love the runway

As a fashion enthusiast, you will surely love fashion weeks! Seeing your source of fashion inspiration in the flesh is more thrilling than just seeing them on print or online. You will also get to know a number of fashion designers whose fashion trends become the style inspiration for many. Take note of the prints, the cuts, and the texture of the clothes and choose what you think fits you and your character.

3. Re-organize your wardrobe

Now that you have an idea of your fashion inspiration, it’s time to take a peek in your wardrobe. You have to assess your clothes whether it’s for tossing or keeping. Your clothing inspiration might change from year to year so you can probably use the hanger method – for clothes which you think you won’t be using anytime soon, hang it on the opposite direction of the ones you frequently wear. If after a year the clothes remained untouched, then it’s for tossing, otherwise, then you have to keep it.

4. Shop and fill-up

Now that you have swept clean your closet, it’s time for you to replace those which were tossed away. You may buy pieces worn by your fashion inspiration, but if you are falling short with budget; there are always thrift shops or mall sales which you can count on for steals. Fashion trends and style inspirations need not be that expensive, you just have to be a little more creative.

5. Gear up on accessories

A girl’s gear is her accessories. You can easily get the look of your fashion inspiration with a coolplay on your accessories. Spice up any casual attire with an oversized bangle or a glittered purse. You should also learn how to DIY your scarves to be able to come up with the different looks of your clothing inspiration. The choices in accessories are endless and you should use the most out of it.

Menswear: Finding Your Fashion Inspiration

For a number of years, fashion was always seen as a woman’s game; the clothes, shoes and the handbags offered by the world’s most renowned names made it clear that this was an industry that was powerfully dominated by the ladies. This isn’t to say that big named designers did not have mens ranges; of course they did however it seems that it has only been in the recent years that fashion has become an industry in which both sexes are equally catered for.

Although we may not have the sheer range of clothing and accessories that women’s fashion is known for, as men we now have an impressive selection of clothes on offer. From Alexander McQueen to Hugo Boss and Topshop; designer menswear has drastically altered but for the average Joe so used to the plain old t-shirts and the one standard pair of jeans, how do you go about discovering your inner fashion desires in order to determine just what is right for you?

From the world-renowned 7 for All Mankind Jeans to the Hugo Boss shirts; the variety is endless however fear not, you don’t have to get on board with flower power or start embracing neon blue clothing in order to be fashionable. Fashion is open to interpretation so remember it is all about you and not anyone else.

Not sure where to find your fashion inspiration? Then consider the following points…

Comfort- Yes fashion is about looking good but it is also about feeling good too so when it comes to choosing clothes consider your own comfort. Will you be at ease in the skinny jeans? Or are you squeezing yourself into them because you saw your favourite celebrity wearing them? Just because it works for one person doesn’t necessarily mean it will work for others so be weary and try not to be too adventurous!
Body Type- Whether you are a bulkier man or the skinnier type, it is important to ensure that you are buying clothes which fit you and fit you well. Whatever style may appeal to you, don’t attempt to buy anything if it emphasises any imperfections. No matter how good David Beckham looks in skinny jeans and a tight top, it might not work on you so consider your shape before you make any moves.
Colours- From yellows to blues and to pinks; there are masses of colours to choose from that can look fantastic particularly in the summer season but again it is about finding what is right for you. You may like the look of a blue suit or the polka dot shirt but does the colour suit your skin tone? Try on various shades and have a look at what matches your tone to ensure you stand out, for all the right reasons.

With so much to now choose from, men are no longer neglected by the fashion industry which means for the average Joe the options really are endless. Inspiration is everywhere you look but knowing what will work for you can be the difficult part so take the time to consider your own issues, needs and what will ultimately make you feel comfortable and you’ll no doubt find the right clothing that will not only make you look good but feel good too.

Best Websites to Get Your Fashion Inspiration

Have you ever opened your closet and said to yourself ‘I’ve got nothing to wear’? Or tried on different outfits only to settle with plain blue jeans and a shirt? Well you’re not alone. We’ve all been in a fashion rut one way or the other.

But with fashion sites that’s dripping with style, those days will soon be a thing of the past – and hopefully stay there. What’s more important is that these sites feature real people and their distinct sense of style, which hopefully can serve as your muse to shape your own. Now get ready to be glamorously inspired.


Polyvore.com gives you an opportunity to play dress up everyday. This fashion site features a slew of all the latest clothes and accessories from different brands, designers and celebrities in which you can build sets on. These sets are composed of clothes, shoes, bags and accessories you chose to create a certain look that you’re going for. These sets will definitely be helpful in trying to visualize the overall look of your outfit. Just imagine Polyvore as your very own visual fashion diary. And with 6.5 million users creating and sharing their own sets, there’s definitely no running out of fashion inspiration here.


This site is not for the weak of fashion heart. JapaneseStreets shows what the stylishly crazy kids of Japan are wearing. It’s highly informative as it also mentions the brand and price of their outfit and the same with their accessories and mobile phones. So if you see something you like, you can easily place an order online.

Where to Find Fashion Inspiration

Fashion inspiration can be found everywhere you look. It can be found in nature, on the television, in magazines, on the Internet, and it can even come in the form of a song or a piece of music that you hear. The key to finding fashion inspiration is to be aware of what is going on around you at all times. You will also need to keep a sketchbook or a camera with you so that you can record the inspiration when you see or hear it. If you are running out of fashion inspiration then fear not! This article provides several places that you can find some fashion inspiration.

Fashion Magazines

One of the first places to look is in fashion magazines. Popular magazines such as Vogue are available to purchase on the highstreet, while there are also so more obscure ‘indie’ fashion magazines available to purchase online. You can subscribe to these magazines so that you receive a fresh dose of inspiration through your letterbox on a regular basis. It is worth cutting out pictures that you like the look of, and then using them to create a moodboard which you can refer to as and when you need to.

Fashion Blogs

There are millions of fashion blogs out there, many of which feature individuals expressing their own unique views and thoughts. Try searching online for some of the most popular blogs to see if anything takes your fancy. You can also try starting up your very own blog to express your fashion sense and your creations. By starting a blog you may get some good feedback and find that it helps you to feel inspired and create more designs.


YouTube is a great source of visual inspiration. You can check out other user’s latest fashion purchases, and see what is hot at the moment. You can also subscribe to user’s channels, so that you are alerted every time that they make a new video.


Pinterest allows users to pin images onto a static webpage, which they can then share with others. These images come from blogs, websites, magazines and things that they may have seen while out and about. You can even create your own Pinterest page and use it like an online moodboard. Pinterest is completely free to use.


Nature has been known to be a powerful source of inspiration for all different types of creative projects. A simple walk in nature will allow you to let go of limiting and negative thoughts that you may be repeating in your mind regarding your recent lack of inspiration. You can also use the nature that you see around you as a source of inspiration in itself. Look at how the flowers bloom so perfectly, how the tree branches in a certain way, and how to birds flutter across the sky. Also notice all of the colours that are found in nature. You will be sure to find some design elements which you can incorporate into your fashion work when you are out in nature.